A321 repeated up-down


I was flying on a route from CYYZ to CYEG in the Air Canada A321.

I was at around 27,800ft MSL and then my plane started sharply going up and down at a high vertical speed. The winds were only 25kts, so its not possible it could be the winds…

I disabled AP and tried to stabilize but the plane pitched up very high and stalled.

Can someone explain this? Thanks


The A321 has a known autopilot problem that causes the plane to bounce around as you described.

It’s an issue we’re looking into!
It can usually be fixed by turning off the ALT for the Autopilot and adjust the V/S instead.


I tried to, but my plane pitched high and stalled.

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no, let’s say ur cruise ALT is at FL 340 and you reach it then adjust the Alt to FL 330 normally the VS will be -250 then THAT MOMENT adjust to VS 0 then you are all set.