A321 problems.

I tried using the A321 for some practice flying, but I noted that when I reach the established altitude using the autopilot, the plane will bounce up and down, never stoping.

Thanks to that, when I tried lowering my speed to deploy flaps, it wouldn´t give a precise speed to start lowering them, because of the up and down movement.

Also the heading of the autopilot doesn´t work in keeping the established heading, after reaching IE 240°, it the plane will go to 230° and swing again at 240° and so on.

Has anyone else experienced this?

The A321 is a old flight model. When the plane gets updated soon all of these problems will disappear.

There is a new model of the A321 coming soon! I heard people are already testing the final build.

Stay tuned!

I hope so, because the 737´s are very nice to fly.

Any ETA? Next year meybe?

Most likely before next year. Beta testers have the plane.


Very soon :)


So it might arrive with a cockpit view, no sudden swings and maybe extra liveries.

In the following week, maybe :)

It will arrive with the same cockpit that is in the A318-A320. Most if not all of the problems will be fixed.

The bouncing you are referring to is because you are going too fast. A320 aircrafts fly between Mach 0.75-0.79. The nose down pitch will disappear once the new A321 update will arrive. If it’s an AP problem it will be fixed in the next update.

In fact I was at 250kt before starting to slow down and apply flaps. The up and down begins after reaching the pre-established altitud and accelerating.
I hope it gets fixed soon.

A321 problems will be fixed when the update comes out.

Do you know when will the update be released? Just to know.

When the plane is ready it will be released.

The a321 update is out

Well, that was sooner than expected. Do you think the issues might have been solved?

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Yep, I think so.

My only criticism goes to the elimination of the US Airways livery. Something small compared to such a nice update.

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Thats odd, they said they would keep it…