A321 problem

I have a problem with a321. As long as I lower the VS then it start bouncing up and down. Do u guys have this problem?

It’s a problem with everyone. What works for me is climbing to cruising, whatever it may be, then descending again by at least 3 thousand feet, and then climbing back up to cruising. No higher than 1500 fpmVS.

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This is a known issue and should be fixed in the next update

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@Luke_Sta Do we have this confirmed?

I dont think this is an official statement from staff, so it is not a very reliable source. But I hope, that they will fix it.

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This is a known issue, and the developers are aware of it.

Here’s a better one: A321 Turbulence glitch?

But known issue doesnt mean they are working on it. I mean the issue is know for a long time and they didnt fix it until now so I am not sure if they are really working on it.

Can we avoid arguing guys over something so simple, once again. Regulars, you are expected to handle things via PM if an argument is noticeable…

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Well I haven’t flew it in a while but if I do find a solution I will let you know

To fix this, instead of setting autopilot to hold an altitude, set your autopilot altitude higher than your desired altitude, and when you reach your cruise altitude, set your VS to 0. This has worked well for me.