a321 problem

Guys! Whenever I fly with a321, above 10k ft speed more than 300knots…
the aircraft’s nose will starts go down and up… down and up… like a lot…
and after a while it will crash… I mean the autopilot will disengaged automatically…
U guys can try it…

Thank you


A. This should go in #support

But I believe this a result of the autopilot not handeling itself correctly as you probably have it on 3000 VS or something and then it can’t balance out.

Are the flaps down and spoilers in flight mode? What is your trim??


Is that 300knots KIAS or GS?

It sometimes is a problem when you go too fast, but 300 knots should be fine. Try levelling you’re plane close to 0 fpm before turning on autopilot.

Does it happen with other planes?

it is airspeed… like am not kidding u can try it
like when I reach 31000 ft with 340 knots for example…
and the aircraft nose will starts go up and down… if it shakes too much it will just goes down
quicky!.. so strange… others aircraft are fine with that!

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What’s the Mach speed?

No it is like in NAV mode… once you reach ur alttitude then with speed over 310 knots
it will start shaking up and down… up and down…

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It’s a known problem, it happened a lot of users too.
It happens too by myself, Speed is M.078, weight okay.

You can make everything correct but it still happens!


oh sorry… my bad

No it’s just NAV mode like 31000ft with speed over 300knots…
and the nose will start shaking with the way UP and DOWN…UP and DOWN…
if gravely will crash immediately…

Easiest thing to do is turn off autopilot stabilise the plane and turn autopilot on again.

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Stop, make feeling him bad, he makes everything correct.
Look here:



It also requires an excessive amount of positive trim to prevent the nose to go down violently when disconnecting the autopilot on final.


The max speed for the A321 is Mach .82 and the cruise speed is usually Mach .78. Fly at Mach .78 or .82 and see how it goes.

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well I couldnt… was taking a shower… then I heard… PULL UP! PULL UP! haha
then crashed


hm maybe like 0.84?..

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Try Mach .82, see how it goes.

ohh I see…
Thank you

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