A321 physics issues

So after 19.2 I heard the ‘bobbing’ up and down when you reach top of climb, had been fixed or improved. This does seem to be better.
However, on flying it since 19.2, i’ve become aware of two issues which were not apparent (or less so) before.

  1. the plane pitches up excessively after takeoff when you get above around 180knts, even with a small amount or no positive trim. (using flaps 1 or 2).
  2. the plane pitches down excessively when adding flaps (on autopilot).

Have a try and see what you think.


You will need to record it or share your replay. It may be the case for the second issue that you were too fast so the flaps created more lift and the AP has to pitch down in order to descend.

Plus 180 knots is usually when this happens, it’s the point where I would retract to flaps 1, if you don’t then you need to detriment or pitch down a bit.

I don’t see this as a problem on my end. Perhaps change your settings or calibrate.

That happened me to I took of the a321 and when I rotated I blasted up my trim was 10% and I rotated ant 145 knts.

Yup, I initially thought my calibration was wrong but I calibrated before taking off. It’s happened every time since 19.2, and didnt happen before.

Exactly before 19.2 I use to fly the a321 a lot and it would always rotate slowly and have a nice easy take off but since 19.2 it just blasts up like a rocket.

I can also say this happened to me flew it this morning and plane lifted off before v1 and rocketed out like everyone else is saying, but I will say it didn’t bounce around once I leveled off

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These apparent issues which to me sound normal aren’t related to the bobbing at all, for the most part I think that’s sorted now. Fingers crossed!

Seems like you didn’t use the plane regularly before and havent tried it since. As it doesnt feel normal now. In fact it feels worse than it did before.
Adding flaps1 on autopilot at 190knts shouldnt cause a 10 degree pitch down,


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I just had a go and I am not experiencing the issues you are having.

Can you tell me the settings in your “weight and balance” section?


Yup so true I just done a a321 flight and I done the exact same I selected flap 1 and 190 knts and the aircraft pitched down. It was a fantastic aircraft to fly before 19.2


Personally I use flaps 1 to takeoff so I don’t know what to tell you really. I rotate at around 150 knots, i wouldn’t be using flaps in that plane at that speed myself. The behaviour is due to the flaps though, just change the speeds in which you use the flaps.

One thing needs to be made clear though, this is not related to the bobbing issue.

A321 is the one that is include without subscription? or not?

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Yes that’s correct

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The issues I refer to are differences I’ve noticed since 19.2. My settings or how I fly the plane hasn’t changed. It is not related to the Bobbing and I didn’t say it was.

You should do a quick takeoff and landing and upload it to here.No offense but your description might not be best,and a visual example of what happened can help us to help you better.Also may point out something that should be fixed to the developers,they are great with fixing things that this community points out.

I have already put a picture of the pitch down issue. This happens when I went flaps1 at around 190knts and descending at around 1000fpm.

The takeoff thing really needs to be experienced as a replay doesn’t show my control input which could be an influence.

I therefore don’t think a replay actually necessary. Surely they can just try it themselves

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Here’s the thing;

No changes have been made to the physics of the A321. The changes that have been made was to the autopilot to fix the bobbing issue, but nothing has been changed that should have this effect.


Are you sure as it feels totally different during climb out, as mentioned it pitches up quite drastically. I have flown this plane a lot pre and post 19.2 and it is difinately different on take off, and that isnt using autopilot so isnt related to the bobbing issue.


Considering i checked directly with the one who’s been working on the model, I’m sure :)