A321 physics issues cont.

Following on from the previous thread here’s a demonstration of the issues with slowing down, deploying flaps which causes the plane to pivot up and down. This seems worse than it was pre-19.2 where the pivoting seemed to be only during cruise.
Go to 22:37:40 in the below replay:


Now, look at the below replay from before 19.2, where during the same phase of flight, I’m slowing and deploying flaps, the plane initially pitches down but to a lesser extent, then seems to settle much more quickly and maintains a stable pitch unlike in the above plane, without the pivoting. Go to 20.38.25


My speeds and parameters were more or less the same. So please don’t start saying this could be a factor

Laura’s fix seems to have sorted the climb-out pitch up issue, but I’m fairly convinced that in changing the cruise physics, now the descent phase is worse when slowing to approach speeds.

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