A321 Overtaking Cessna Citation on Final | Expert Server

This video shows an Airbus A321 overtaking me and landing infront of me while I was on final to TNCM in a Cessna Citation X in Infinite Flight on the Expert Server.

This is posted for educational purposes and also for sharing this experience with the community (also for entertainment purposes). It is not for public shaming and as such, the video was trimmed in multiple places to remove the pilot’s player name.

I know some people will agree and some will disagree with me filming and posting this. Some will also suggest that I should have been the “bigger man” and executed a go-around when this happened. I did not go around for the purpose of recording this video and sharing this experience.

I can bet that this and maybe worse has happened to many of you on the Expert Server.


Should of left his name in there.


And what’s wrong with public shaming?


Why don’t you message Tyler or Mark Denton with the pilot’s name? That deserves a one week ban


Whoa! Crazy stuff! Someone tell him he’s higher than Grade 3 for a reason! I think he deserves a ban!!


A week, really? You people are no fun, lel


were you the one in the a321?

hey, that rhymed


No? Why would you say that? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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Instead of making the situation worse, you should have gone around. Be an example.


Some people don’t know what they’re doing so that’s why we need a passing test before entering expert server:)


I explained why I didn’t go around…read the initial post above.


The report button is there for a reason🙂


Well legally he has the right away

Yes, I realize that. But two wrongs don’t make a right.

Now I’m just going off experience here. Could of he gone around yah but is not really in the right too since legally he has the right of way and is lower and slower than The a321. Therefore he didn’t really didn’t do anything wrong here

No matter what the occasion is, you don’t do the wrong thing.

What he do wrong? Show the pilots name?

Like someone said before, u should have gone around instead of continuing to make the problem worse. For all we know u could have overtaken thr a321 and no one would have known. Not trying to be rude but next time lead by an example

Probably someone who only did T&Gs to get to Grade 3.


Hopefully this pilot wasn’t one of you that are adamant that I should have gone around (or was it?). I didn’t overtake the A321 previous to this situation; I’m not sure why you’ve introduced that @r3life. We were all controlled by an IFATC Approach Controller who lined us all up for approach. This is not the first time someone has cut me off in some manner on Expert, and I have gone around in other cases, or stopped taxi, or stopped take off, etc. This case was extreme and I did what I did for the reasons I explained in the initial post.

Hopefully this video will help other pilots to be more mindful of their behaviour on the Expert Server, to avoid aggravating and being reported by other pilots, so that everyone can have fun. Cheers!