A321 over speed

Guys,i flew A321 set the speed at 340knots alt 36000 feets but computer start yelling over speed. I did to reduce the speed but it didn’t stop yelling. I always set that speed in Boeing 787xxxx and its ok. Can you guys help me??? I demoted to grade 1 with 5 violations.

Hi there,

You are simply trying to fly too fast at those altitudes. As far as the warning not going away, well that’s a known issue.

Bottom line, don’t try to cruise at Mach .90

The A321 will cruise just fine at Mach .78 to Mach .82 roughly.

Have a look at this for reference:

A321 Wikipedia


The B787 and the A321 don’t have the same cruise speeds. 340 knots is way over Mach .85 which is 320 knots so I wouldn’t be flying all aircraft in the same way as that’s not how it works.


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