A321 outboard flap doesn’t work

Hello there đź‘‹

I’ve reported this more than one time and nothing has been done to fix it, it was completely ignored, as well the static ports of the winglets of the A320s.

As you may or not know the A321 has double slotted flaps configuration, on IF the outboard flap doesn’t work and it’s been like that for years literally and I haven’t received a concrete answer as to whether it will be fixed or not, and I can’t fly the A321 for this small detail, is really annoying (in my case)

And of course! The A321 is in really good conditions, is completely flyable but when I want to remake a landing or takeoff the issue with the animation of the A321 outboard flap ruins it completely.

This may be something really cosmetic for some of you and you may have a point but y’all can’t deny that is amazing how something this small couldn’t be fixed.

something can be done or not?! I really would like an official answer đź‘Ť

Here I leave you examples
This is real life

This is Infinite Flight

And this is the outboard flaps scheme


Probably wont be “fixed” for quite a while, seeing its not really an issue, in the grand scheme of things its just an animation for cosmetic purposes

I don’t see why this is stopping you from flying the plane, especially since the lack of outboard flaps dont affect the in game physics at all, plus its one of the more up-to-date aircraft.

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Exactly, so why they won’t be able to fix the animation?

As I’ve said before, it’s been like this for years! 🤔

I’m just saying it’s really weird that something this small hasn’t been fixed, along with the static ports of the winglets of the A320 series

It hasn’t been fixed for years because they just recently re-did the a320 family and a321. It may be disappointing that they missed this, but they have much more important things on their hands at this time. It may be fixed in the future but when is uncertain. Until then, it’s best to look past it and enjoy the plane, it is a fun aircraft to fly after all.


Looking at the pictures you provided, it’s clearly going to require a model change on the outboard flap. I won’t expect that to happen anytime soon because they like to condense their work and focus on one aircraft/family at the time. Eventually, with a rework of the A320 Family, that probably when they will redo the model and add this feature. But until then, it will most likely be a while.


It will most likely be fixing in a a320 family rework

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While I won’t repeat what was said in other replies I just wanted to say that sometimes it is right and important to be able to not fixated oneself on such details so much. Yes, the graphics of the A320family aren’t really up to today’s IF standards, but this plane is a dream to fly (in IF), the flight deck has live instruments and all that and I can only hope that you consider choosing to fly it in IF without worrying to much about those smaller issues as individually problematic as they might be :)

Yup you’re right, the aircraft itself is completely in good conditions, and it wouldn’t be so important if it wouldn’t be about the wings and it’s mechanisms/ animations.

In my opinion if the team want the entire fleet to be in good conditions this things shouldn’t be ignored, because if not this small issues will be accumulating while the years passed by and make a big problem or in the need of a rework.

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I hope so 🤞


This is a minor detail and they probably won’t fix it ASAP so don’t expect it soon, they’ll probably fix it in the next rework which won’t be for a while, not to say they won’t at all.

Good eye nonetheless!

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I do agree that it is a rather major issue, but things like the B787 having no live cockpit at all are of a much higher priority to me. What I actually wanted to say is just to not stop flying the A321 because of such a comparatively minor issue which is completely unnoticeable from the flight deck as well :)

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