A321 out of control

So I was recently at 34 thousand feet with an A321 the suddenly the plane kept drastically pitching down then pitching back up repeatedly. But a quick decrease in speed (even though I wasn’t overspeeding) and a decent to 17 thousand feet fixed it. So please help me


What were your speed and weight settings?

I fly the 320 series all the time, so others need not jump in unless this gets confusing.

I had the same problem about 2-3 months ago. A decent helped for me too.


Stick around then dude, hopefully I can give you both some advice.

Do you remember your speed and weight settings at the time of the incident?

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I can’t remember it sorry. But it wasn’t over takeoff weight.

I believe this is a known issue and the devs are currently trying to fix it. Here is another support thread that was answered.

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I think it’s a known issue from the A320 family. I actually have some problems with the A320 where the pitch goes up and down on autopilot. For me it’s a problem where the AP tries to fix the speed and altitude at the same time and each parameter affect the other negatively.


I’ve never had an issue so I don’t see how others are.

But hey if my advice isn’t required I’ll get back to flight planning haha

@Btp91 try restoring defaults to your controls in the setting gear. Also restart your device to ensure it isn’t a gyro issue.

Yeah I was at 320 knots and at 35 thousand feet

But I was also on autopilot

Slow down.
That’s way too fast.
Try to stay between Mach 0.78 - M.80 which is the normal speed for the A321.


Sorry I ment I was at 320 knots when I descended to 17 thousand feet

Have you tried reproducing this issue?
Because we are aware that the A321 can sometimes start bouncing when the AP is fully enabled, but one way to fix it is to turning the ALT off and adjust your altitude with VS.

If this is was a one time thing, there’s not much that can be done now.


I messaged @DeerCrusher recently for a similar issue. I was on autopilot as well and it worked for me. Give it a shot.

Happened to me as well. 😭

I had the issue yesterday. Resetting controls to default mid flight worked. No need to restart the app or do anything hung special.


This same thing is happening to me, but with the b777-300er when I put flaps down or forget to increase the vs when approaching the entered altitude. Same thing with the CRJ family. I tried finding a fix, but nothing seems to work. Any help with this is much appreciated and thanks for any advice 😁

I tried that, clear caches and re-installed the app. I still have this problem with the A320. I tried with the A330 and there’s no problem with this plane. CRJ works fine too. For me the balancing problem only affects the A320.

This is happened to me, and I believe I know why. When the AP is trying to climb slightly and since you are going fast the AP will overshoot what it’s trying to climb to. When that happens the AP pitches nose down to retain FL340 but since you’re going fast it will undershoot it, then overshoot. This is a never ending cycle and the angle of pitch will increase by a lot over time.

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