A321 needs to be updated

I hope they update tge A321 when they release the a320.

A321 will be updated

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Oh thats great!:) cant wait

Matter of fact that’s what they’re doing now 😀.

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That sounds great! But will there be new airlines for the 321? Or only Us Airways?

How am i supposed too know i only bought the sim two weeks ago😂 jesus

There will be more liveries along with A321. They added more than just WN for thr 738 😀

That’s great - thanks!

Anyone knows by chance if there will be A321 Air France?

Not confirmed yet

@Boeing707: Thanks a lot! :))

I definetly think the A321 is being updated while staying free to play. The A320 and A319 will be paid and the A318/ACJ318 elite will be free for 20 purchases. Makes sense no?


Use the search function and you will find a lot if information :)

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here are some some liveries that they can add.

Air France
British Airways
American Airlines (new livery)
Air Berlin
Eva Air
Tomas cook (with Sharklets)
Air Lingus
Air Canada
Easy Jet
Grman Wings

any more ideas.

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EasyJet has no a321.They removed it from the fleet in 2008.We can have JetBlue instead.

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good idea:)

Avianca’s new livery

Trust me guys you won’t be disappointed it’s A321 is coming soon to infinite flight :)

Enough of the European and American Airlines throw some Latin livery please.

TACA a321 sounds good but I did not think of it.

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Tacaa321 I am guessing you like Taca airlines.