A321 leaning left and right autopilot

I Am on a flight from JFK-LAX and my a321 is leaning left and right erratically. I thought this issue was fixed as it was widespread but it seems like it hasn’t been fixed fully. I am at 32,000ft and Mach.76

Mach 0.70 is much slower than the cruise speed of the A321. It is usually at about mach 0.78.

Update: descending to 30,000 ft and issue has lessened.

I was flying at Mach .76 but slowed down to see if that was the issue

I would assume that M0.70 at FL320 is too slow thats why the plane was going left and right
Idk might be wrong is I am sorry about it

Sorry. Mach .70 is after I tried to correct the issue when descending to FL300 and slow down from .76

Ah alright

It could be to do with the Weight of the aircraft.

How much fuel and cargo did you have on board?

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You are too heavy and to slow. The issue is a combination of the two. : )


Oh ok now I know not to go under .78 thanks :) but I wasn’t over MTOW


Although you weren’t over maximum takeoff weight, The height you are flying at with the weigh and the speed has caused the swaying type reaction, Maybe try stepclimbing next time to reduce the risk of this happening again.

Take a look at this link for some more information and how to do it.

Have a good day!

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It’s normal same issue for me and this might be an issue it depends on your speed and what altitude your are at like if your going 255 kts at 10000 ft then it moves! Hope this helps!!

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.76 seems awfully slow no?

I usually stat atleast around 0.82 just to be safe

That’s awfully fast for an A321

Well I fly good aircraft so I wouldn’t know.

I am step climbing today and going a bit faster and no issues so far! Thanks for the tips guys

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  1. Too Heavy
  2. Mach 0.70 is very slow for an Airbus

Combine 1+2 then you have your problem

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