A321 landing

Hi everyone after inspecting the new livery’s on the A321 witch are great I decided to take a flight with it I have done two and noticed a tiny problem the plane is super sensitive to all weather I was landing runway showed green I also checked weather and there was a 12 mile an hour cross wind my plane seemed to be acting like it was 30 miles an hour! I also seem to lose lots of steering power when touchdown this includes the rudder. Any idea what is happening please let me know thanks ironman


What was your speed? Make sure you have enough thrust to move forwards while the wind is blowing you from side to side.

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I landed about 180-160 and the plane was around 60% full I thought it was quite an odd change considering that the update was primarily livery’s as far as aircraft.

Note that the rudder has been adjusted now with the recent update so at higher speeds it’s not as effective, it’s so it’s more realistic and to avoid making your plane drastically swing.


160-180 knots is quite fast for an A321 try landing about 130-150 even if you have a heavy plane. Make sure your approach speed is not too slow. For example my starting aproach speed is 200 knots, then 180, then 160, and finally my final approach speed is 150. I then take manual control of the airport about 4 miles out. This helps with weather, and keeping the trafic flowing. Hope I could help!

I too have noticed that. Very bouncy on landings and decent with low wind within the speeds mentioned by others