a321 keeps wanting to stall

alright so it is my first time flying the a321 in 5 months, but when I was doing London Heathrow to Dublin the plane kept bobbing up and down. I was powerless for a few minutes but managed to gain control later. The same issue popped up again so any help would be great.

my replay

On takeoff, winds were 0 and my VS was 4000
Aircraft: a321
Speed: M.85 (maybe why this happened)

About at the end of the flight, I intentionally sped up trying to get to Dublin faster

Yea .85 isn’t a reasonable speed to take the 321 to. Also, your VS was a little steep as well

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probably explains why. But hey fun experience on casual. It has never happened until now

This is a known bug with the a321


Regarldess if it’s fun or not, the A321 is not capable of going that fast or climbing too fast. It’s likely your weight was just too much this time, and your highly unrealistic flight path caused it to stall.

I would recommend max cruise speed at .8, but .78 would be better. Climb 2000-2500ft/m for the first 10,000 ft or so, then slow down. When you get above 20,000ft climb at 1200ft/m and above 30,000ft go to 500ft/m.

Hope that helps


I’ll try next time. Thx for the tip.

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He made a topic about it in 2017 and you’re telling me the bug is still there 1.5 year later and the devs havent fixed it?

It still happens to me so yeah and I’ve tried everything and there have also been multiple topics on this

On if the more recent ones if you scroll through the topic you will see that the a321 is one of the aircrafts

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