A321 keeps swinging!

currently flying from JFK-LAX, and my plane keeps swerving from left to right! how can i stop it? i’m flying at FL360 and there is 80 KT winds to the south, but i’m not sure if the winds are a factor to the swerving. or my fuel level? i have 80% fuel remaining.

What is your speed?

Sometimes turning off AP and back on will help.

Ground speed only 395 kts, i’ll try restarting AP

What is your AP speed set to?

last night this happened to me over germany. All I did was take off AP for a few minutes and put it back on didn’t help. then I put the flaps to 1+F in the A350 in the A321 maybe try flaps 1

M 0.81 this was also happening to me last night when i flew from BUR-JFK. i lowered altitude and it helped. i tried doing that just now, but no solution

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seems like the flaps did help a little! thanks for the tip! but it’s still happening. i think it must just be from the winds.

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I would try speeding up a little.

I don’t know of a scenario where pilots in the real world use flaps (even flap 1) at FL360. It may help but I think its something else.

What’s the weight like? i know you have 80% of fuel, but on that options tab at the bottom, select aircraft load or something like that, and it will tell you the aircraft’s weight, passengers, and cargo, all in one.


Based off of your statement regarding 80% full fuel, you are likely way too heavy to be cruising at FL360. In general, A321s cruise in the range of FL300 and FL350, and step climbing is extremely common and necessary, especially for the Airbus narrowbodies. Speed won’t change it too much, your plane will likely struggle for being too high and heavy regardless. The cruise cap is FL390 for the A321, and that rating is for when it’s mostly empty if I’m not mistaken. I hardly ever see them go that high. If you’re doing an overnight, sometimes it’s just better to stay at a lower altitude all night as well. Also- as Chris mentioned, your flaps shouldn’t be activated during cruise. They generally get retracted fully shortly after takeoff. Flaps are just going to increase the required workload from your plane at cruise.

Step climbing is an important procedure in real life, you should try and incorporate it in your flights if you can! An example would be:

Initial cruise- FL300
Halfway through the flight- FL320
Approaching the general idea area of Las Vegas- FL 340

Try this out!^ Hope it helps :)

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