A321 issues

Why does my a321 keep like bouncing up and down which I have no control of this is only in the a321 does anyone know why am I doing something wrong?

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Known issue. The devs are tying to work on it, but no one knows how to reproduce it.

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This is a known issue for the Airbus A321.

Is there anything I can do?

Some say it’s best to disable the altitude during cruise and set the V/S to 0. Note, this is a temporary fix and nothing permanent has been found. I’m sure staff are aware of the issue and are looking for a fix.

For cruise I would recommend you this:

  • 2000-2500 till fl100
  • 1700 till fl 250
  • 1500 till ur final cruise

All these are based upon your weight if you’re more than MTOW then you’ll need to cruise up slowly with good speed


No problem at all ;)