A321 issue

Hey IFC,

I just took off from Atlanta and the A321 was having some issues. Winds were 11 kts and my plane wouldn’t climb at all.

What is your airspeed?

What was your weight as well

You might be going to slow or have a lot of weight. That’s the only problem that could happen.

It was 180 at the time and I was climbing and I waited for 210 to set A/P and upon setting the V/S it stalled. Throttle was 80%

Try putting it to max

No I wasn’t.

Atlanta to Los Angeles I had 5:15mins of fuel

If you are stalling

I quit the flight out of frustration and I didn’t want a violation for aerobatics.

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Ok try again in solo if the same problem happens try using the Speed auto pilot.

Can you please post a sharemyinfiniteflight.com link? 😊

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What was your vertical speed when this occurred?

I deleted the replay. >_-

2200 v/s was the v/s

What… whaaa… why?

I always delete the replay when something happens lol

Not sure why you deleted a replay with the issue in it when you intended to make an issue topic. Be sure to keep those as replays are sacred in these situations. Never delete a replay with an issue in it if you intend to make an issue or support thread. Can’t really help as well when we are limited now.


So lemme get this straight.

You encounter and issue and expect us to believe you when you dont even have a replay? If its a real issue, how do you expect the devs to look into it?

The A320 family in Infinite Flight is known to be tough for initial climb, Some pilots IRL actually level out the aircraft at around 2000ft to gain speed before continuing their climb. The other option is to keep a low climb rate of around 2000 until you’re able to maintain a certain speed.


Yeah , maybe try 93 or 90%

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