A321 hard to rotate regardless of trim

I love the A321 but hate takeoffs as even when lighter it’s a real hard one to rotate. I know it’s long so you have to be gradual so as not to tail strike but even with decent positive trim it is slow or either too quick. Sensitivity is a little below default for pitch. Used trim between 15-30%

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What is your power setting?

Anything between 83-91% N1 for light to mid weight and 92-94% for heavy

What do you tend to roatate at and your degrees per second?

Just did a test on the 321
Load 60%
Trim +20
Sensitivity normal
It did take a good 3-5 secs more to lift off after vr callouts from IF assistance but nothing to worry about
Climb out was normal 2500_3000


Make sure you do not rotate too early. VR should be between 135 and 150 depending on weight, altitude and temperature.

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