A321 going up and down

When I slow down in the A321, the nose goes up and down and I have a lot of trouble to stabilize the plane after. What can I do to prevent this. I obviously use flaps so that is not the issue.


I know there is an issue currently with the a320 family, but I believe the developers are working on fixing it for now.

This doesn’t happen with the A320. It only happens on the A321.

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I’ve had it happen on the a320, though you are right in saying that it is more pronounced on the 321.

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But what can I do to prevent that from happening?

What speed and what altitude

Put the sensitivity of pitch to full in controls, while inflight

I am also experiencing this in the A321 when slowing down to final approach speed on final. The nose will start going up and down and while the autopilot is trying to maintain altitude the nose goes up and down even more and more and then it starts to stall and the autopilot disengages. Once this happened to me on final into a busy airport on Expert server and I stalled and crashed.

I also think this should be under #support

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This has been an ongoing issue for quite some time now. You can try turning off the AP while in flight and try to regain control that way. You can go in your settings and try restoring default flight controls. I’ve found that to work a few times. Don’t overload the aircraft, don’t fly faster/slower than the recommended cruise speeds as found on the interwebs. All of these things are worth trying before creating a topic.

Feel free to search this forum for similar cases as this isn’t the first time we’ve heard about this. Thanks!