A321 glitch(s)

I’ve noticed that the A321 has some glitches. The most annoying one is when you slam the breaks, hard or soft and the front landing gear sinks into the ground and it’s considered a crash. This also happens when I stop it without the breaks.


never had that problem but if you’re speaking of the A321. please add more liveries :smile:

@Jonathan Hi Jonathan! :) The A321 is being re-done and will be included in the update after next! It should be greatly improved…And it’s a known bug :)

@LSZH34 Maybe visit here :smile:

Yay there adding more Airbuses :smiley: Hoping at least one of them will be free to download.

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I expect one will be to be honest…That happend with the likes of the 747!
My Bet is it would be the A320!
Cheers :) ;)

For some A319 liveries, they should add Spirit New and old, Virgin America, Air Canada, Volaris, Britsh Airways, Air France, and Luthansa.

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I doubt they’ll put the the Volaris twice…


You’re probably best discussing that in the above topic before my Friend Sean possibly moves your posts! :) ;)

Swiss A319 would be nice :D

This bug can also be activated if you use too much rudder on the taxiways! Pretty darn annoying if you ask me.

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and a 3D/HD cockpit :grinning:

Not a bug but a feature request.

And the 3D/HD cockpit is coming when the aircraft is upgraded.

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What comes out in the next update? Does somone knows that

this was on tower view, IPod 5 IOS 9.1

I was doing searches for what has been happening to my front landing gear, and this post came up, and there weren’t any pictures that came up. So I posted some of my screen shots of the landing gear in the ground that happened again today.

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Just happened right now

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All (most) bugs for the A321 are fixed now!

Closed since a completely redone A321 has been pushed.

If you have any issues with the new model, please create a new thread. Thanks!