A321 Gets the spotlight! - @infiniteflight.florida

Hello all, and happy friday!!! Today i bring you probably one of my favorite photos i have taken! Please like and comment (:

Aircraft - A321
Airline - Finnair
Airport - KLAX

All photos i post are taken by me,unless stated otherwise

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Nice picture, thanks for sharing!

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Glad you liked it (:

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What you hear = Great shot!

What you don’t = WHY HAVE YOU GOT A FINNAIR A321 AT KLAX???!?!?!?!!?!?!?!?! 😫🗣

But seriously I love that shot, just not the airport it was taken at halfway around the world 😂


lol thats funny, thanks for your comment (:

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What a great shot! Also that plane is a looooong way from home

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Lol yes it is, thanks for the comment (:

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This is just stunning, haven’t seen this type of shot in a long time!

Great Pic!!

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Wow I thought it was real life! You tricked me for like 2 minutes.

Great shot and keep up the good work!

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wow, very nice picture, good angle…

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