A321 from Ural Airlines lands in the corn field/Part 2

After the aircraft had fallen into a flock of birds, both engines failed. The pilots landed the Airbus A321 from Ural Airlines in a corn field.Serious incident in Russia: A Ural Airlines Airbus A321 crashed into a cornfield near Zhukovsky Airport Thursday morning (15 August). The machine had started as a flight from U6178 at the airport and had Simferopol as a destination. But shortly after takeoff, the machine fell into a flock of birds, some of which were sucked into the engines, as reported the news agency Tass, citing officials. Obviously both engines of the A321 with the registration number VQ-BOZ failed. That’s why the Ural Airlines pilots decided to make an emergency landing in a corn field just kilometers from the runway. The chassis was retracted.
Pilot makes announcement via megaphone
The information on the number of inmates differs slightly in various Russian media reports. According to Tass, there were 234 people on board, including five or seven crew members. Accordingly, the emergency landing injured 23 people, most of them with bruises. Some, however, were also hospitalized.
Videos on social networks show passengers leaving the A321 from Ural Airlines in the field. One of the pilots makes an announcement via megaphone. Russian authorities are investigating the incident.

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