A321 Flying Weird

Y’all I was flying the 321 LAX-EWR when about an hour ish in the plane decided it wasn’t going to stay stable. It’s not letting me put my screen recording of the issue. However I would like to figure out what’s causing this.


Maybe turn this into a Support topic?

Done, I wish I could figure out why my screen recording isn’t working. But the plane basically flaps back and forth and wont stay stable on its path. FL350 .79 mach.

The A321 is broken. The physics are just messed up. The plane keeps rocking left and right usually when you are a bit too high (even if you’re not), so descending and speeding up fixes the issue.


Weird, I was not that heavy. But if that’s what fixed it so be it. Will have to do it next time.

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The things I might try to rule out, in order:
1)weight not excessive for the altitude (which you mentioned; also check temperature, which changes the effect of altitude)
2)sufficient airspeed (also can be “shocked” by sudden changes in winds and temperature)
3)frame rate: if your frame rate is unusually low, it’s possible the processor workload is causing the value of flight state-variables to oscillate (if too slow between cycles to settle to a steady value - a calculation fidelity issue).

It’s also possible 3) could be triggered in combination with 1) and 2).


Hello @Matt ,

If it is a weight issue, here is a little table put together by my friend Jakub. A320/A321 cruising altitudes - Google Docs

We are going by this everytime and have not had any issues.


Wow that’s helpful haha. I just went off what FPL to IF gave me, so maybe that was the issue.

I run 30 fps always. Weight might be the issue.

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Very well could be. As an A320/21 regular here, I’ll set my weight given on this table per the altitude I’d like for cruise and fly. Hasn’t let me down yet. 😉


Yeah same, the amount of cross countries I have done with it is crazy. Anyway, thanks for the help.

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No problem! Hope it all works out for you!

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