A321 Flyby at my small home airport that only takes CRJ'S and 737'S

I wish I had a picture or something but it was really quick but An Looked like a A321 flew by my small airport today we never get them and i was really confused why because there are trees when landing and I saw him arise from them i could not get a flight radar pic either because he was not on it, considering we only get CRJ’S this was really strange the first time I saw him he looked like it was a go around but then he comes again this time to only fly by the beginning of the runway and just vanish behind a tree airline was also unknown all I saw was it had blue on it. It also looked like a 757 and had the same engine sound but looked like the 321 from the bottom, sorry for the long post. Just wanted to let you guys know because it was really strange if any of you know why they do these flyby’s let me know. I also recorded a video of what it did in infinite flight: Link for the video: https://youtu.be/iK01_VHvALI

I still am confused why they did this? its nice to see a A321 for the first time ever though.

what airport is this that you are talking about.


AVP// Kavp.

After looking at your airport diagram and the max takeoff weight and distance for the A321 it can takeoff or land there maybe it was a test flight by a company to see if they could or would use bigger planes for holidays etc.

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I wouldnt expect much though and im not a pilot so I could be off take it with a grain of salt.

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Thanks for the info but its so unusual to see it because it nearly hit the trees behind the runway.

it may seem close I promise It wasnt. my airport KRDU is similar.

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My airport is up high on rocks so it’s higher than where i was ( my house) so yeah i see planes come in and out all the time because im right off of runway 4 anyway thanks again

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