A321 Flight from Mallorca to Innsbruck

Yesterday I flew from Mallorca to Innsbruck. I also made a Timelapse from that flight. You can check it out here:

Flight Informations:

Server: Training server
Aircraft: Airbus A321
Livery: Austrian Airlines
Route: LEPA - LOWI
Cruising Altitude: FL350
Cruising Speed: Mach. 0.86
Flight time: 1hr 20min

Cold & Dark at the gate


Leaving Mallorca behind me.



Someone who escorted me with a Ryanair 737. ( another reason why I’m happy that I’ve 2000XP left till Grade 3 ) He disappeared a few seconds later lol.


Parked at the terminal.


Beautiful shots and video!

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Question? Why were you flying the A321 at M0.86?
The A321’s cruise speed is M0.78-80

Great photos btw!


Oh, didn’t know that. Thanks for telling me!

Nice pics. The Ryanair plane crashed lol.

Due to following the normal standards of a Ryanair Landing

Nice Photos!

So true the normal Ryanair landings

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Yea lol. Luckily Ryanair isn’t flying to Innsbruck IRL 😂

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This man really sent it going Mach 0.86 in an A321 lol

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