A321 Flaps after takeoff

hi all, I’ve been having this problem that when I take off my departure flaps on the a321, my nose dives drastically from around 10-12 degrees pitch to around 2-5.

I’ve tried applying drafting amounts of positive trim to combat it - ive tried retracting at a higher speed and nothing seems to be working so it might be a bug

anyways lmk if you have any suggestions!

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There is going to be a little pitch degree change, but yours is changing a lot. Maybe set the trim to 20-30° and pull the flaps in one at a time. Might help? 🤷🏻

The A321 is basically broken right now so I’d just stay away from flying it


It probably isn’t the best solution… But whenever I fly the a321, no matter the weight Given I usually only do short flights , I rotate off the runway at a much higher speed and use only flaps 1 the retract the flaps right about 1000 agl while still flying 100% manually. Adjusting pitch and trim as needed until I have a stable climb profile

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yeah ik about the pitch change - this is excessive though, I go from around 2300 fpm to 200 fpm

Yeah that’s exactly how I fly but for some reason the flaps cause extreme changes in pitch that not even trim can help

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frr it’s so frustrating

Are you activating autopilot, just after takeoff?

its been broken for a very long time, has not been fixed in even the slightest sense. sad…

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nope manual up to around 3k-5k

that sucks man it’s such a nice aircraft

It’s nowhere near broken, when I fly it I often glaze the runway with it its the person who is flying it


Glad it’s working for you but with a lot of people, the A321 is absolutely broken

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it’s not a landing problem but a physics problem so idk what you’re talking about “the person who is flying it” lmao

It happens in every aircraft of the IF fleet, the bigger the plane, the more severe the pitch down will be. Apply positive trim and pull the stick up. It also happens when extending the flaps.

Landing the plane often relys on physics in this game mate

I’ve said this before lads… I have tried with trim 😭

The problem isn’t that it’s pitching down, it’s that it’s pitching down excessively and not even trim can counteract it

I know how to fly a plane okay 😭

bossman you completely misinterpreted what I was saying

I have no issue landing the plane or most other procedures - it’s just the in game physics of the aircraft make the nose dive much more excessively once retracting flaps 1 after takeoff - I have no idea where you’re getting this narrative about landings from

I’ll just, respectfully, recap some of the comments here (I hope it’s ok).

I don’t believe the A321 is broken nor has a bug.
Changing flap extension moves the center of lift relative to the center of gravity:

This makes the aircraft want to torque to a different pitch as you change flap setting.

So, the prior trim setting no long applies. Whether you trim out the change in pitch or not, you will have to compensate with pitch control pressure (far right red arrow above.)

This is normal.

You might practice adjusting for the pitch pressure change by, say, setting flaps at 3, while you’re in a climb with the nose at 5 degrees up, and autothrottle set to 180.

Then just practice holding the nose at that 5 degree mark as you over and over again go from flaps 3 to flaps 0 and back again.

Give the aircraft time to settle between each change.


Indeed, flying it at cruise for a longer flight is comical 🤣 🤣

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