A321 flap extensions speeds for approach

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I have recently been flying the A321 and I am wondering at what speeds should I lower each flap setting. I have seen many answers online and I have decided to find an answer from other flight simmers.


Speedbird Heavy

is this what you are looking for (correct me if I’m wrong)

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I heard Capt Joe saying to set you speed as the same number as the distance from the runway
so 10nm=200knt 9nm=190knt like that.
And you should be fully configured by 3.5nm

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He asked for flap speeds not landing speeds,
personally i lower my flaps to 1 and continuing once i see that my aircraft is not handling it well due to my speed, cause this depends on your weight, but normally you should go flaps 1 at around 210-190, flaps 2 178-182 flaps 3 165 and flaps full 155 for the A321.
You may need to alter this depending on your weight.


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