A321 Excessive Roll/Wing Rock?

Hi there,

I’m currently in-flight and my aircraft (the A321) is violently rocking its wings back and forth. I have a video of it recorded on my phone (not screen recorded, hand held video).

I went to Settings > Controls > Restore Defaults and nothing happened. While doing this I noticed that the roll was going from -30 degrees to 30 degrees, like I’m moving the rudder.

I’m also not over-speeding, the trim is set correctly, and it’s definitely not the winds as you can see in the video.

Problem is, I don’t know how to share the video. I recorded it on my phone and discourse only allows photos to be embedded into this post. Any suggestions?

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This happens a lot on A321 specifically. :-/ really!
It never happened on the A320/A319/A318. ( According to my experience)

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What were weather conditions at the time?
Also, this has happened to me too during an event after departing Denver headed to Dallas (KDEN-KDFW), it was violently banking left and right, then the autopilot could not handle it anymore and disengaged. The plane then was spiralling all over the place and was quickly descending to the ground, but I did not have a chance to recover as I was at an altitude too low to recover from and crashed. I assumed the cause was the weather, although I never confirmed that was the cause

I tried, it says it’s not a proper relay file. I’d have to wait for my flight to finish to grab the replay and then upload it.

Clear as can be weather. Wind is 9@260. Not bad.

Try turning your autopilot on and off

sharemyinfiniteflight.com *

Didn’t work. Just resumed again.

It honestly looks like I’m using my rudder back and forth but I’m not touching it. It’s really odd.

Weird never happened to me on the A321

No turbulence?

I’ve looked across the forum and people have the same problem except it’s using APPR mode.

And no, no turbulence. Winds are calm.

I think that only happens in APPR because its trying to intercept the localiser and glideslope. So if someone is far off from the localiser or glideslope, then they would get these crazy maneuvers

Yeah I get that, but the reason I said it is that no one else seems to have the same problem as me. The only other slightly related problem would be the one with APPR, but that happens for a reason.

Well you were not the only one although this happened around may

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I’m having similar pitch issues with the a320 but I think that’s because I changed my sensitivity recently to work with my new joystick.

I dont think it’s your fault. By the sounds of things it’s an a321 problem. Mabey a bug or something. I dont think there is anything you can do apart from try to fight it. Mabey it might be wise to not use the a321 until there is a problem discovered and fixed. I certainly will not use the a321 justnow personally


I have the same problem
I activate AP right after departure with VS 2000 and just a second later the plane starts to move his nose up and downwards.
And with up and downwards i mean a VS of about - 11000 ft/min then after round about 3 sec. the plane starts to pull up to about 11000 ft/min and then the story repeats until the plane crashes.

Hope they’ll fix it

Sorry about your problem but,

It’s not the same. I’m talking about roll, not pitch. Like moving your rudder from side to side. It’s just banking left and right constantly. 140 of my passengers are dead. :(


Then I’m sorry because I thought you’ve talked all the problems of the A321

I’m sorry😬