A321 : Etihad Airways (New Livery)


I saw on Facebook that FDS are currently re-working the A321s, https://www.facebook.com/infiniteflightapp/photos/a.184518151624467.46187.125847247491558/911403822269226/?type=3&theater.

So, I think that it is the perfect time to ask for the Etihad A321, a very beautiful livery:


What do you think?


Put a request into the Airbus A320 tracking thread…

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It is an A321, not an A320.

Yes, but the A320 tracking thread covers the whole family to prevent multiple threads on the same thing…

Actually it is the A320 Family Tracking thread.

Oh okay… But I think it’s more easy for the Devs to only have 1 request per topic.
On the A320 thread, they will have to look to more than 1800+ messages…

Yeah, I feel the same way, but it seems that they still keep a lookout for popular requests…

It an A321, count the Windows, the A320 has 40 on each side ;)

Sorry, but can I ask a stupid question?
Why is there a German flag on the tail? :)
Other than that this is definitely a must!


I never liked their old livery but their new livery is very nice looking!


My thread got closed so yours will probably get closed soon…

Also no photos on feature requests

ONE picture per feature request is allowed


You ask for Gulf Air, I ask for Etihad. And please, stop tagging moderators for closing a topic If you are not 100% sure I am not respecting the rules -_-

I am 100% sure…I made a specific livery request for the A321 and it got closed because I am supposed to post it in the main thread. You did the same thing except with a different livery.

I have to admit it, this livery is awesome on all aircraft!


If that is true why did mine get closed?

This post was flagged by the community and is temporarily hidden.

That’s a good question! Maybe because the plane was flying to Germany for the first time!

You are right. I don’t know why your topic get closed! Maybe because someone else requested Gulf Air.