A321 Cruise-shaking issue seems to be back

I’m using an iPhone 8 with the new update and the A321 is swaying… I know this was an issue before but now it was fixed up until this point.
Im flying at FL350 with a speed of M 0.78 as specified for this aircraft with a load of 51%
Winds are calm, 006° @ 18
There is no other reason I can think of that caused this, for now I have increased speed to M85 which seems to make the shaking only minimal
Device: IPhone 8
Operating system:

What was your IAS at the time (it will be suppressed more for a given mach number if flying over hot/summery terrain)? And was there at least a slight amount of turbulence or gusty conditions?

I was able to reproduce swaying under your flight conditions (after some effort), by cranking up the temperature and having light turbulence and gusts.

I do not remember my airspeed but no there was not any gusts or turbulence

However I was flying high over las Vegas at the time because I’m flying LAX-ATL

hi just tried the same thing over las Vegas using the parameters you wrote and my plane ain’t swinging. So it might be turbulence

Ok, I just want it to be noted because it was in live so nothing could be done to change the normal factors
I took it off A/p and controlled heading normally and was able to hold it level.

Everything else is well now but the plane has to be at + M 83 to hold

I tried in solo mode using Las Vegas (hot summer) temperature, also my local temp which is mild winter, and separately at your m.83.

The IAS’s I got were:

Vegas - lower end of 240kt range
mild winter - closer to 250kt,
your speed increase to m.83 - just under 260kts

I just wondered if there was some increased instability in the 240kt range. But dialling in the occasion wind gust or light turbulence, especially combined with a turn seemed to bring it on.

I don’t know if this says anything or not, but it was just a thought.

edit: of course the processing speed of our somewhat older phones could make it more likely than for newer models, with coarser “calculation granularity” between time cycles.

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