A321 cockpit view

In the new update (Which is awesome!) the A321 cockpit view seems “off” and different compared to the A320. As can be seen on the attached picture, the A320 cockpit view, when calibrated is lower than the same on A321. In my experience, it makes it a lot harder without the HUD, compared to the A320

I’m playing on a iPad Air 2, with the latest Infinite Flight version.


That’s odd. If they’re both captain views I don’t understand why it’s different. I’m going to check if I have the same issue

Yup, what I thought too, both the same view. It seems like the “camera” is positioned lower on the A320.

Yes it seems like I have the same thing. For now maybe try just alter the view to whichever you like more while flying. Maybe someone smarter could help to see if this is on purpose

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It’s a known issue and will be addressed in a future update.


Yes it is lower and the FVP is very close to bottom of the window. Which is kind of complicated when landing

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It would appear the A321 still has the old camera view, for now until the devs fix it I would just angle your camera to look down slightly, it’s not ideal, but its the best way to deal with this.

You can use the first officers view as a replacement as this one is well placed.

Not just the A321, also the A319. The FO view is out of wack too
Hope they fix it soon

Well, as @Maxim said, it’s a known issue. So I suppose the mods can close this now. :)

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