A321 Bug Fix

Does anybody know if the A321 bug has been fixed? I havent flown the bird in a while so i dont know.

It might be a good time to go fly it then. 😐


Ahh ok i will definitely do that.

What Bug are you talking about btw? (Please elaborate a bit more)

If you have an aircraft downloaded and you notice that there’s an update for that sole aircraft, its likely that there was some sort of patch that was pushed to the aircraft’s model or performance.

The bug he is talking about was the one where the nose would just slam to the ground if you armed the spoilers. It was fixed in the most recent update like @DeerCrusher mentioned.

I’m just gonna assume it’s the “bug” where the aircraft oscillates up&down.

If it is - no, no solution have yet been pushed.

(It’s the only bug related only to the A321 basically, as i know of…)

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Wait this was fixed? The armed spoilers and nose slamming to the ground the second the rear gear touched down?

Can someone confirm? Here I am still arming the spoilers on the A320 series AFTER I touched down and flared/softly brought the nose down. Would check for myself, but just started a long haul…sooooo :)

No it’s not “fixed”… It’s not even considered a bug.
Just trim (i use between 15-25%) and hold back, and you’ll fine.

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