A321 bouncing up and down!

Hey Can I make this topic?

I was flying LSZH-LEPA and reached cruise altitude with NAV mode enabled. I left the room and when I entered back the A321 was bouncing up and down. ( between 200fpm and -300fpm) Later the plane stalled. I am pretty sure that i made everything correct, with the same settings I flew another route and everything worked fine.


What altitude were you going to?

It was likely your airspeed, fly faster, then the plane won’t stall.

I think it was very strong crosswinds.

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FL360, I flew M0.85 and there were no winds. ( just 3 knots)


What was your load? Weight?

between 70-80 %. I don’t fly overweight

That’s the issue then. The maximum cruising speed of an A321 is Mach 0.82.


I tried it again but it still doesn’t work! I made a video but can’t upload it!

Typical cruise speed for an A321 is roughly M.78

YEAH and I flew so but still doesn’t work

This is a known issue. The devs are looking into it.