A321 banking either side while on assigned heading and lnav

i dont know why but in a flight i am doing right now, The plane is just banking to the right and left abruptly.
i later found out that this is only happening on lnav and when you assign a heading in a/p. and if you even hand fly it it is never straight.

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That’s because it tries to get onto the flightpath, so some correcting (aka banking left or right) is required

I get that but that is gentle turns this is very abrupt and it is already on the flight path

is there a way i can show it to you?

ifc vid 2

Oh well, that is most probably happening because of the, if I got that correctly, enormous crosswind

isnt that only 35knots and isnt that tooo abrupt and it has been hapeening for the last 20 mins

35 is actually quite a lof of crosswind as far as I’m concerned. And the rocking is only worsened by the LNAV trying to fight the plane drifting away from the flightpath

What is your weight and altitude? Might be because you’re too high and heavy for the plane

oh ok then i will see how it goes then thanks

i took 2 hours of extra fuel and am cruising at 38000

Ok, and the current weight of the plane is?

you mean the Airplane load? that is 65%

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i am going to descend to fl 360 to see if that helps

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Now it is better thanks everyone!

Yep! That’s a little high for the plane current weight (:

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