A321 autopilot problems

I remember having many problems with the a321 during the approach phases of flight, usually involving significant instability below 200 kts IAS. The nose oscillates up and down and nearly stalls every time during landing, but I know my approach speeds are correct (I gradually slow to ~145 kts with flaps 3 or ~137 kts with flaps full). Has this issue been fixed? Bc I really don feel like flying 5.5 hrs to LAX only to touchdown 5nm short of rwy 25L

I fly the A321 relatively frequently and have never had this issue. It was also recently reworked. I assume you’re on 20.1?

yea I am, and yes the cockpit has been converted to a live one but I’ve had issues as recently as November 2019

What speed and altitude are you beginning your final approach at? (i.e. 10 mile final, where the ILS cone starts)

I think this belongs in the #support category

without ATC I usually intercept the LOC ~12 nm out and G/S ~2500 AAL while at 180 IAS

I don’t see an issue there. How quickly are you slowing down to your landing speed?

i manually slow and its pretty gradual. I use DME to manage slow rate (7nm 170, 6nm 160, 5nm 150, etc). It oscillates when A/P has control, but many times I need A/P otherwise I tend to forget about a parameter lol

Are you slowing down manually or using the autopilot?

Flaps 3 need to happen at 145-150 knots
Full needs to be put into action at 140-145 knots

That is your problem

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I’m not sure because it oscillates even at 200 kts, flaps 1. Even tried more flaps then I knew was necessary but i still get rekt. Oh well, Imma try it one more time today and see what happens.

You also need the trim at +10% that is what I do for every landing. It keeps the nose pointing to where it is going

I do trim, usually +15%

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At about 55% load, I’d say flaps 1 at 196, 2 at 182, 3 and full at 153 and 145, then vapp between 132 and more depending on wind. Lots of people fly below the power curve, hence the stalling problems.
My 2 cents.

That might be too much. It can overstress the Aircraft

My rule of thumb for these planes is: 250kt trim 0, then trim down when IAS increases (300kt trim -30) or trim up when IAS decreases (up to +40 for 140kt).

Works well for me.

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Let me add that 20.2 improved those A3×× difficulties a lot!

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oh cool. Hopefully you’re right. Maybe I’ll wait till then lol. B/c I miss the jetblue a321 :(

I use this, it could help:

Even if it is made for 319 and 320