A321 Autopilot Glitches Out Consistently

I have a question if it’s just me and how to fix it. Every time I fly the A321 it glitches out while I’m using Auto Pilot. Every time the plane starts going up and down rapidly and I have to fly the flight Manuely. Does anyone else have this problem?


It’s a known issue and FDS is trying to fix it. :)

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Hi Cam, can you give us some more information:

  • When does it happen during flight? [Ex: Climb,Cruise]
  • What is your device model?

Edit: Just saw @JT_Playz comment, disregard mine.
I know a way to mitigate this is to stabilize it manually before activating AP.


Ok thanks. You can close this now

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I haven’t had the issue in a while but yes it has happened to me, to try to avoid it as much as possible i try to avoid strong winds as much as possible by using http://windy.com to track winds in the area :-) sorry for it occurring to you

It happens at random times, usually at the start of the flight. I use the IPad Pro

Use the VS to control altitude with the AP until they fix this known issue. That is what I do and works fine

when you are flying try making a a slight turn to the right a little of your flight plan that has worked for me before

This is a known issue, you have nothing to do about this, try descending menualy

What speed are you cruising at? Use to happen to me but has stopped since I now usually fly the 321 at M.77

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