A321 Autopilot Fix

Hello IFC! I was recently doing a flight on an A321 and thought that this AP problem should be fixed. It constantly bobs up and down, even after reducing the VS near the top of my climb (which was directed by moderators and other experienced pilots). The only solution I found to this problem were to lower the speed and altitude to about FL150. This is clearly not ideal, and I think it is time that the IF team take a look and make necessary changes. I know that this may seem like a small problem to people who don’t use the A321, but I often find myself wanting to use it and always reverting to the 737-900 because it is more stable. I hope my fellow community members feel the same!!

This a known issue and will be fixed.

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I know that people know of it, but no one has given a timeline or definite “yes” that the problem will be fixed

A temporary fix is to set the v/s to 0 and not set a altitude

This doesn’t work in cruise, even with a perfectly even 0 VS

Fixing a bug is not a feature, so no need to request it in #features

We’re pretty confident it’l be fixed in 19.2.