A321 Autopilot Bug

I am sure many of you have experienced the A321 bobbing glitch
Here is an earlier thread:

I would have thought that with the rework it would have been fixed and it is really putting me off using it
Any thoughts?
Anyway to fix it?


When the A320-Family got their recent rework, not issues were resolved.

The bobbing up and down thing still persist as you mentioned as far as i know there’s only one way to avoid it from happening and that is to turn off your ALT. Don’t press on that button at all to begin with. When you reach your cruising altitude then just try to level off as precise as you can with your V/S and you should be fine to most part.

Years ago before i knew what the ALT button did i always leveled off as precise as i could closely to the cruising altitude i was aiming for. Let’s say i want to cruise at FL380 then i’ll put use my V/S to climb and reduce the climb rate the closer i got to the attitude ;)

This is the only way i know that you can use of to avoid your A321 to not bounce up n down.
Pretty much don’t touch the ALT button…

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As stated in the other threads, this is a known issue and is being looked into.

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Ok thank you. Just wanted to check up since it was a while ago
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I don’t have this issue. Usually it’ll only bob up and down if I’m flying too fast, or need to start step climbing.

This is especially bad in the 777 Series.