A321 Autopilot Bug

Hey, Is it just with me, or does anybody else have a Problem with the AP of the a321? Once I get to cruise altitude, it starts shaking up and down violently, gradually increasing the severity of the swing. After about two minutes of not intervening, it stalls the plane, and you Crash… Please solve this!

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What is your airspeed and altitude? Does this happen everytime? There can be heavy crosswinds. Try reinstalling the app. Maybe because of corrupted files.

You are just too high and too heavy, try to cruise at a lower altitude if you have to take on a lot of weight. I experienced this before and the swing stops when I descend.

I’ve tried at various Speeds and altitudes, It happens every time and I tried uninstalling the app… nothing worked…

Thanks, Ill try that…

Autopilot doesn’t depend on that.

FL350 and below should be a good enough altitude, you shouldn’t be cruising at FL400 and above if you’re too heavy.

Hope this works, have a nice day!

Thank you so much for the tipp! I will try that…

Known issue with that particular aircraft.

Yes I think is the problem, but it can be fixed when u reopen the app with A321

Is just the same issue with 777 300 ER, no mattter how light or heavy is, ALWAYS SHAKE IN THE WAY DOWN AND UP

I have the same issue, but when I got Below FL200 it doesn’t shake any more so maybe try that, I might be wrong.

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