A321 Auto Pilot problem

Hello I was wondering why the a321s nose bobbles up and down during the flight? I was flying to Dallas on IF and I noticed the nose bobbled up and down during decent and I was unable to land. I tried it again today but it still did it but this time it was during takeoff cruise and landing. Fortunately it wasn’t as bad and I was able to land the plane but If I could have an answer that would be great, thanks

Hi there,

This is a known issue with this aircraft and will be addressed in a future release. Make sure your speed is correct for the altitude as the speed can cause some bobbing that you are experiencing. If you experience it again, simply turn off and on the altitude AP selection. (make sure you calibrate and hold the device while doing it so you do not dive)


@Chris_S So this issue will be fixed in the next update?

I made no mention to the next release.


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