A321 APPR stalled on final

today I was approaching Vienna airport with an Airbus A321. I engaged APPR mode at 3500ft with no problem, everything went nice. Once I started to slow down and add flaps, the nose started to go up and down. Once I was on flaps full and 130kts, the nose went up, the plane stalled and I crashed. I tried to recover but it was too late. I had just 1 hour of fuel, no pax and no cargo.

Here is the replay: https://sharemyinfiniteflight.com/download?c=WPCHCKSCUD

Can someone tell me what was wrong?


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I’d recommend slowing down and adding flaps at FULL before using the APPR.


What was your speed set to? I noticed your throttle only went up at around 125~ knots. Usual landing speed of A321 is 140~ knots. The aircraft probably didn’t have enough speed to recover from the bumps. Also, if you were manually landing it, make sure your device is calibrated and you don’t overcontrol

My speed was set to 130kts, but I was light, I would land at 120kts. But I dont know why the nose went up and down.

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I think that is too early to slow down. I am always flying like this, but just today I experienced this problem.

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The only way I can sort of repro is by using AP speed, which I never do when using APPR (though I rarely use it so I’m no authority on it) because of the way the throttle behaves, sinking below then trying to come back up.

It seems that when it gets to that low landing speed, it dips way below, overcorrects, back down, overcorrects, rinse repeat, and causes the bobbing,

And, again, no expert, but it seemed like you went from no flaps to full flaps awful fast. And were your gear really down the whole time?

I put my gear down before engaging APPR, and yes, probably I went from no flaps to full flaps fast.

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I don’t know, in my limited experience, APPR needs some time to adjust to each notch. Your speed may have even been a tad high for those last couple (though it’s GS in replay so hard to tell.)


Ok, thanks for your help. This can be closed now.

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What? As @mogbog said, 130 kts is very slow for an A321. That’s where the problem is I believe.

For that situation 130kts is not a problem.

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Try again at 135kias and tell us if it works or not.

Any higher speed should be enough

It works now. The problem was that I went from no flaps to full flaps really fast and it is better to control the speed manually when on APPR mode.

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If you say so…