A321 APPR Not Working Right

Hello everybody I have not flown in a few months but I used to fly the A321 for one year straight, it was my only aircraft. Now that I’m back at it, I usually use APPR to line me up with the runway, I don’t have to but it helps, APPR is really messed up right now I don’t feel like this is working at all since this new Update. Unless I’m losing it, And that’s always a possibility.

Are you following the correct procedures for approach to work correctly?

If you’re within 30° of the runway heading and roughly 3000ft AGL, it’ll hold 3000ft till it locks the glide slope.

When are you activating it? In 19.2 the way APPR works was changed, and it will now remain on the heading and altitude you set in the autopilot until it captures the localiser and glideslope respectively, so you should activate it once you are on an intercept path with the runway.

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I see it now I’m gonna go ahead and give that a try and report back, i’m betting that was my issue.

I haven’t really followed the Forum much so I’m not accustom to the changes yet.

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Ok that worked. Perfect landing. I let her take it all the way down.

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