a321 APPR Mode

So when enter I my final approach phase I intercept the runway ILS slightly below it and around 11 nm out at 3000ft @ about 200KIAS. As I get closer I slow the plane, increase flaps, etc… For some reason with APPR mode at landing settings (flaps, speed, etc), the nose oscillates up and down to maintain the glide slope, and often this has detrimental effects. It stalls many times around 150 kts, but I believe the touch-down speed for a (now light) a321 is 140 kts.

What’s going on? Im pretty accustomed to the a320 fam, and landings work pretty smoothly with the a319 and a320. But the a321 APPR seems kinda buggy…


This is a known issue, they will be fixing this soon I’m pretty sure. Have a good day!


it is? oof.


The best way to avoid this… is landing manually!

The issue has been known for a very long time, but is yet to be fixed. I’m sure it will be soon enough!

If you head to solo mode and practice a few landings, I’m sure you can land it manually. You’ll get a good sense of pride, as well :)

Anyways… don’t mind me, just a part of the Manual Flight Advocacy Team… LOL.

Safe travels!


Yeh this happens to me as well if I’m trying to land in bad conditions

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