A321 APPR -- Is this still an issue as of June 2020?

Here is the post of my first encounter with the problem, can’t check it myself for the time being. Has anyone been able to see if it’s fixed?
(a321 APPR Mode)

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I will hop in solo right now and tell you! Give me a few please.

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Just tested this out as I promised I would. I was in the Generic A321 at KCHS. From my “experiment”, it seems to still be an issue. I had APPR enabled and was approaching RWY 21 at 148 knots when the nose started to pull up and I stalled, similar to what was stated in the post you linked. I also went through the history of IF updates and it seems this was never addressed. I’d recommend waiting for a mod or dev to swing by and confirm this, but I don’t see any proof that this was addressed.


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