A321 APPR Glitch

Does the a321 still oscillate while using autoland? I’m signed up for an event with an a321 but depend on autoland to–you know–land and am considering switching to an a320. The real life route only operates the a321 tho…so I’m wondering if it’s still buggy? bc ik the a320 isnt

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Most of those issues have been taken care of for 19.4.
So yes, you might experience some issues with this right now.

One work around would otherwise be to simply not use APPR :)


is 19.4 the upcoming December update?

and facts but i think without APPR my passengers would demand a refund

Yes, 19.4 is the upcoming update, I guess you’re passengers are just going to have to suck it up and deal with it until then ;)

I don’t think it’s just A321. I was flying in the 330 and just autopilot in general was very jerky. Usually you would level off at a desired altitude, but it kept going rising and dipping over the altitude. Same for appr, it would either turn too much or go up and down too much.

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Manual power and flaps 1 at 1 dot above glide then flaps 2. This masks the bobbing as much as it is possible.

A321 finale speed is 142 kt


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