A321 AP Issue

Hello! I was recently trying to complete a flight with an A321 and after I reached my climb altitude, the aircraft was violently shaking up and down. When I discontented the AP, I could hand fly just fine. Is this a known issue, or was it something I did? Thank you for your time.

There are quite a few topics on this. It is a known issue. Give this a shot :)


Slow your V/S around FL280 to 1000fpm. Also adjust your trim until the line in the box is gone. I usually find the A321 likes around +15% trim when cruising, and +20-25% for takeoff.

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This is a known issue being noted by several users all across the forum. This is a very known issue, and will soon be fixed. The A321 is a very tricky plane to master so here is a guide.

These users have all encountered your problem.


ue fois l a319 decroche avec le pilot auto

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sometimes the A319 picks up with the autopilot

There is no issue with a319 for us so far
Only A321, 777-300ER

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