A321 and F16 bug?

So when I’m flying with like the a321 or f16 and when I reach like 34,000 and go at Mach speed why do they go up and down sorry for my bad English like the nose it goes up and down constantly Until I usually just stall out and get violation

Don’t go to Mach speed with the A321 -> Solved ;)

This can happen on the F16 if you go way too fast as well.


I’m not sure about other replies since I don’t have live, but I really don’t think you’re meant to go Mach in the A321. Not sure about the F16 though. Maybe I’m wrong, but you could see what other people are replying.

  1. The A321 is never supposed to go above Mach 0.86, ever. The overspeed warning was placed as a precaution so you know when to slow down.

  2. Yeah, sometimes the F-16 and F-22 will “glitch out” when going to fast for an altitude. Try leveling out at 40,000ft. and cruise between Mach 0.90 and Mach 1. Note this glitch is reproducible so, please only do this on Casual Server, and you should be violation free.

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The F-16 does this at high altitudes where if your going above M.89, the nose will pitch up and down drastically. It will also glitch. It happens quite frequently

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It’s because Autopilot is made to do little adjustments to correct your flight. At that speed, a little adjustment will make drastic changes to your heading.
I hope this helped you :)

Thanks for the replies guy when I usually pass 24,000 and go up above 30,000 the nose goes up and down I’m doing probably .84 Mach it still does it

If you are doing Mach.84 in the A321, that is still too fast. The A321 IRL cruises at M.78-M.81

Looks like I got called again? 🤗

I think Swiss 001 has a video of that happening

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