A321 Air canada engine problem.

I want to report A difference between 2 engine in the a320

Air Canada new livery a321 the engines are rolls Royce (long)

Now we can see a321 CFM engines.

Wish it will be resolved quickly.

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I’ll pass the message along to the developers. We appreciate you coming forward with this report! Thank you! 🙂

FYI: A321 aircraft with this issue:

  • Air Canada
  • British Airways
  • Cebu Pacific
  • DeerCrusher
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Small changes are made all the time right before release. I know a few aircraft have had this sort of situation before, and been fixed up. There’s a few that still linger though. I’m sure the devs will take care of it soon!


Thanks. For the report


No problem. Have A Good One! :)