A321-211 PCF - SmartLynx Cargo (DHL)

Hi everybody ! I was looking at airplanes when I saw one in particular that averted my eyes.


This A321-211 PCF looks very cool ! No ?
The livery SmartLynx Cargo is great (for me), he need to IF.

If he can, he need to have :

  • 4K Cockpit
  • Animations & Actions

Are you agree ? If is the case, please vote with the survey below.

Do you want the A321-211 PCF (SmartLynx livery) in IF ?
  • Yes ! I want this one !
  • Mmmh… So so. Maybe why not but it isn’t important.
  • No thanks ! An other time maybe…

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Tks !

Aside from the livery I really like the plane! The A321P2F has been gaining popularity rapidly recently! Titan Airways wants more and Lufthansa has also already received their first!


It’s the only livery availible. But the plane is A321PCF and not the A321P2F!
Yes, I like this plane too.

Oopsie… C is for converted right?

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I don’t know… I thinks (maybe) it’s the same thing !..

Now that I think about it, I believe I once read that P2F is a passenger aircraft temporarily converted to cargo while a PCF is a passenger aircraft that is changed to cargo forever

Well done, genius ! ;)

What’s the difference between a P2F and a PCF?

Answer coming from @MxP

Actually, I think that’s wrong… I am reading something right now and I think it’s something else.
What I got so far:

P2F: Passenger to Freighter (that’s what we already knew)
PCF: Precision converted freighter

I also saw some sources where they said “it was basically the same”, but I’ll keep looking

The P2F also apparently stores more and has higher weight capacity, which doesn’t make sense to me at all given their names

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There is no need, you already have the answer…
I’m not sure this is necessary

they reworked the A321 the A321 is not that important I’m sorry but there is much important aircrafts like the B787, B737max And A321XLR


This is my opinion

I agree with you, but I don’t think we see an aircraft every day (originally made for passengers) reworked to create a new cargo aircraft.

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I think I got it. P2F is generally a passenger aircraft converted to cargo, and PCF is the term used by Airbus. Boeing for example uses BDSF or BCF

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you are ture

What did I say ? You are indeed a genius. Well done, brain!


Some more info: the registration of this airframe is 9H-CGB and is operated by Smartlynx Malta. The MSN is 1017 and the age is 23 years (sep 1998).

Sadly I am out of votes but this should be a nice addition!

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That’s exactly why I added a poll at the top