Greetings everyone.
I’ve a problem which has an( perhaps) obvious answer but I need to be sure.
Why when I’m with the A321 200 when sometimes I finished climbing in A.P mode.
At about 300 knots, the autopilot make the aircraft pitch up like fifteen degrees then pitch down and pitch up.
Unless I’m slowing down to 200 knots, it won’t stop.
Anyone can help?
Nono :)
(I think it’s due overspeed but idk exactly)


This Is Known Issue, and has been reported many times over and there are many similar topics covering this.

Above, @N1RG linked to the first ever report of this issue, which is from last year, December.
And below is the most recent topic about this, basically the same thing, as it still hasn’t gotten any fix yet…


This is a known issue, there is no fix just yet

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Yeah thanks. I didn’t know. I forgotten to check.

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Yeah I didn’t knew

What altitude did you level off at?

For some reason I’m perfectly fine nothing happens to me

It’s starting at about FL120 and above

(one question : level off is when I stop climbing? I’m French it’s a little difficult for me but I keep trying to improve 😁)

Yes that is what I meant. At FL310 300 kits is overspeeding so I would assume something would happen there.

At 12,000 thats a different story.

Like others have said this is something the devs are looking at and trying to get something that can be repeatable to troubleshoot.

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Well, huh. Great I think 😅

Thank you :) (Can you close this subject for me plz?)